who is to bell the cat completing story

who is to bell the cat completing the story?

Once upon a time, in a small kingdom far away, lived a king and his court. He was beloved by all of his subjects, but one thing troubled him a menacing mouse plague. The mice were everywhere and causing destruction to the kingdoms crops and stores of food. The king was desperate for a solution and called a meeting of his court to discuss the problem. After much debate and discussion, the council came to a consensus someone had to bell the cat.

The court was in an uproar who was brave enough to do such a daunting task? Everyone was silent until a young lad stepped forward. He said he would gladly take on the challenge if the king agreed to reward him handsomely. The king agreed and gave the boy his blessing.

The boy set off immediately, armed with a bell and a bag of cheese. He soon found the mouses secret hideout and proceeded to meticulously place the bell around the neck of the largest mouse he could find. The other mice were so terrified of the jingling sound that they all ran away, never to return.

The kingdom was saved and the boy was rewarded with riches beyond his wildest dreams. From then on, whenever the court was faced with a seemingly impossible task, they would ask,Who is to bell the cat?

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