Permission to stage drama

Write a Application permission to stage drama


The Manager

Theatre and Performing Arts Society

Subject: Application for Permission to Stage Drama

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing to seek your permission to stage a drama at your theatre. My name is [Name] and I am a [Profession] from [City]. I am a member of the [Name of the Group] and we have been organizing plays and dramas for the past [No. of Years].

We are planning to stage a drama called [Name of the Drama] at your theatre on [Date]. This drama is based on the [Theme of the Drama] and it explores the [Focus of the Drama]. The entire drama will last for [Duration] and it will feature [No. of Actors] actors. All of them are professionals and they have been performing in dramas for the past [No. of Years]. Our production team is also highly experienced and has been working on live performances for the past [No. of Years].

We are confident that this drama will make your theatre popular and help us gain recognition in the performing arts circles. We have enclosed a detailed proposal for the drama which includes the synopsis, the cast and crew and the production team.

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