regarding rules of hygiene application

15 July 2022

The principle 

X College 

X city

Subject : Application for taking steps regarding rules of hygiene



I, ( name), would like to inform you that many of the students are not following the rules of hygiene on the college campus. You know that the government has opened educational institutions on the condition that all must follow the preventive  measures set by WHO. If anyone is found infected by COVID-19, the institution will be closed instantly. Considering this, we all have to wear musk, wash hand and hand- sanitizer, maintain social distance, etc. Unfortunately, many students are neglecting these  saying that we are vaccinated. But being vaccinated does not mean that we will never get the disease or that we are completely safe. In other words, we have to maintain all the rules of hygiene whether we are vaccinated or not.

Therefore, I am pledging to you to take strict steps so that all the students and employees of the college maintain the preventing measures in the campus 

Sincerely Yours,


Class,  group, Roll

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