Ancient age and modern age

Comparison and contrast paragraph Ancient age and modern age

The ancient age and the modern age have many similarities and differences. In the ancient age, people lived a simpler life where they relied on basic tools and items.

For example, they used animals to transport goods and traveled by foot or horseback to get around. In contrast, the modern age has brought us advanced technology with cars, planes, and computers that has made life much more efficient and convenient. The ancient age was also largely focused on religion and spirituality, while the modern age is focused on science and technology.

In the ancient age, people could not communicate as easily as they can now with the invention of the internet and cellphones. Additionally, the ancient age was much more reliant on physical labor for the production of goods, whereas the modern age has more automated processes and machines that do much of the work.

Ultimately, the ancient age and the modern age are drastically different in terms of technology, communication, and production, but both are essential to the development of human civilization.

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