Letter experience about plane journey

9 Chandpur, Chattogram 

6 April 2022


It is a long time since l heard from you. Your silence hurts me a lot. You will be surprised to hear thst l made a plane experiences journey from Chittagong to Dhaka along with my father last week. It was a wonderful new experience for me to have such a pleasant and thrilling journey .

On 4 July my father obtained 2 economy class tickets From GMG Airlines for the Dhaka journey. My father and I reached the Chittagong airport in time. We are properly checked by the port authority before crossing the passenger lounge. When I got on the plane I was very amazed. The airhostess showed us the seats allotted for us. We fastened our seat belts properly. The plane took off on time. 

Within a few minutes we were flying in the sky. I was looking outside through the window. Soon the plane sped up. The building and trees looked very small. The sights Were changing every moment. Before the plane was approaching Dhaka, l was watching the hills and valleys from the flying plane.

We reached Dhaka within half an hour. Next day l returned to Chattogram by train. I felt extremely happy, relaxed and a little changed for such a wonderful journey by plane. It would have been more interesting if you were with us.

Convey my best regards to your parents and love to the youngers 

Yours ever



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