Honest Wood-cutter story

Honest Wood-cutter 

Once upon a time, there lived a woodcutter named Tom. He was very honest and hardworking. Tom used to cut wood in the forest everyday for his livelihood.

One day, Tom was cutting a big tree when suddenly he saw a shining gold axe stuck in the tree. He wondered if the ax belonged to anyone. He thought for a while and decided that he should take it home and keep it safe.

Tom took the axe home and kept it in his house. After a few days, a rich man came to Tom’s house and asked him if he had seen an axe. Tom was scared and thought that the man might be asking for the axe he had taken. But still, he showed courage and told the truth that he had found the axe in the forest and kept it in his house.

The rich man was amazed to see Tom’s honesty and gave him a lot of money as a reward. He also told Tom to keep the axe as a reminder of his honest nature.

Tom was very happy and grateful to the rich man. He used the money to build a better house and improve the living condition of his family. He also kept the axe in his house as a reminder of his honest nature. 

Tom continued to work hard and was always honest in his dealings. People admired him for his honesty and hard work. 

Tom lived a long and prosperous life and became an example for everyone to follow in the community. He taught everyone the importance of being honest and hardworking. He was an inspiration to many.

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