Write a formal letter for a Stipend

12 March 2022

The Chairman

Dhaka Education Board


Subject: for a stipend


With due respect and humble submission, I would like to approach with this application that I belong to an insolvent family. My father is the only breadwinner of our family, consisting of seven members. He earns barely enough to maintain our educational expenses. This year, flood has caused a great harm to us. The standing crops in the field have been totally damage. So, it has become almost impossible for my father to maintain my educational expenses any longer. Now, I am badly in need of a stipend in order to continue my studies.

I, therefore pray and hope that you would be considerate enough to grant me a stipend and enable to continue my studies and oblige thereby.

Sincerely Yours,


Class- XII, Section-B, Roll-2

X college, Dhaka

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