Mobile phone paragraph essay

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Mobile phone paragraph
A phone that can be easily carried from one place to another is called a mobile phone. Before the invention of the mobile phone, a device called a telephone had to be placed in a certain place in the house to talk to someone at a distance. Its short name is Phone. Phones used to be connected through cables in different homes or offices. On the other hand, mobile phone is a wireless technology so it can be carried anywhere. Mobile phones are sometimes called cellular phones, handphones or cell phones. Besides talking on mobile phones these days, one can enjoy all the benefits of modern computer technology. Mobile phones that have this facility are called smartphones. You can talk, exchange short messages, e-mail, get familiar with all the information of the world through various search engines, listen to music, watch plays, listen to radio, watch TV on this smartphone. Mobile phones are also used as an important tool in identifying criminals these days. Mobile phone was first launched in Bangladesh in 1993. In about thirty years, the number of mobile phone users in Bangladesh has exceeded 10 crores.

Mobile phone paragraph essay
Mobile phones are wireless telephones in particular. Mobile (Mobile) ‘Transportable’ The mobile phone is named as the phone can be easily carried and used anywhere. It is also called ‘Cellphone’ as it is hexagonal in shape and works with a single cell. Dr. American Cooper is credited as the inventor of the mobile phone. He was able to make the first successful call through this phone in April 1993. Mobile phones were first launched in Bangladesh in April 1993. Currently, there are 6 mobile phone companies in Bangladesh. Mobile phones are an essential part of modern citizen life. From calling the next room to any part of the world, communication is now possible through mobile phones. However, modern mobile phones are not only talking but various applications have been added to it. Taking pictures, making videos, listening to music, listening to the radio, e-mail, using the Internet, playing games, measuring temperature are all done on mobile phones. As a result, the usefulness of mobile phones is increasing manifold. People have been able to bring the whole world in their hands through this mobile phone. But as many good things can be done with mobile phones, there are also bad uses. Therefore, appropriate and moderate use of mobile phones should be ensured.

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Mobile phone paragraph for Class 10
A short description for special mobile phone wireless telephone mobile (mobile) portable. This phone can be carried and used anywhere. Because it uses a hexagonal-shaped field or a cell, it is called a “cellphone”. The inventor of the mobile phone was Dr. Martin Cooper. In April 1973, he managed to make the first successful telephone call. In Bangladesh, mobile phones were launched for the first time in April 1993. There are currently 6 mobile phone companies operating in Bangladesh. Modern civic life is dependent on mobile phones. From calling the next room, mobile phone calls can now be made anywhere in the world. There are many applications that can be used with modern mobile phones. You can use your mobile phone to take photos, videos, listen to music, play the radio, and access the Internet Mobile phones are used for many purposes. Mobile phones are now more accessible than ever. With a single touch, people can connect with the entire world through mobile phones. Mobile phones can be abused, but they are very useful. Mobile phones can be abused, so it is important to ensure that they are used in a responsible and controlled manner.