bayazid’s devotion to his mother story writing

Bayazid was a small boy. His mother was ill. One day he was studying by the side of the bed of his ailing mother. All on a sudden his mother woke up, raised her head and told her son, “Son give me a glass of water.” The boy Bayazid took the glass to pour water from the pitcher. But the pitcher was empty. There was not a single drop of water in the house. Bayazid could remember a stream from where he could bring water. But it was far from his house and was in one corner of the village. The night was quite dark. Bayazid took the pitcher and went to fetch water from the stream. When he returned with water. he found his mother in deep sleep. Bayazid thought to himself, “If I make my mother awaken, she may feel disturbed.” So, he decided to stand beside his mother’s bed with the glass of water. The whole night passed. Bayazid’s mother opened eyes at morning and saw her son standing with a glass of water. Seeing that, her eyes became full of tears. She took him in her arms with motherly affection and said, “God bless you my son.” Her blessing made him a great saint later.

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