Dove and The Ant stroy

Dove and The Ant 

Once upon a time, there lived a dove and an ant. Both of them were very close friends and they lived in a forest near a lake.

One day, the dove had to fly away to a far away place, and the ant was feeling very lonely without her. She missed her friend very much and was trying to find a way to make her stay. 

Then one day, the ant thought of a plan to make the dove stay. She decided to build a bridge across the lake. She worked hard day and night to build the bridge, and finally the bridge was ready.

The ant asked the dove to come and stay with her and promised that she would fly around the lake every day. The dove was moved by the ant’s love and sacrifice and gladly agreed to stay with her. 

The dove and the ant lived happily together for many years. Every day, the dove flew around the lake and the ant kept guard at the bridge. They were so close that they even shared their meals and stories.

 The dove and the ant were such an odd couple but their friendship was strong. They taught us a valuable lesson that friendship is more important than anything else in life. 

Years passed by and one day the dove decided to leave. She thanked the ant for all the love and care she had shown her and promised to never forget her. The ant was sad but she was also happy for her friend’s success. 

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The dove and the ant will always remain close friends and their story will be remembered for years to come.