Application to start an English-speaking club

Application to start an English-speaking club

English for College and 2 Day Online School.

Application to start an English-language club, subject.


We respectfully request your attention to the fact that our college does not have a language club. We must adapt to the modern environment because English is a language used for international communication. You are aware that joining an English language club can help you improve your ability to communicate in English and pronounce words correctly. Without a doubt, English is a language used to communicate between individuals from various cultural backgrounds.It is also the computer language that facilitates communication with individuals all over the world via email and internet technology. English-speaking individuals can navigate the Internet, which is considered a revolution in information and communications. Therefore, it is evident that the English language has increased in popularity globally. Therefore, we are requesting that you start an English language club right away.

We kindly request your consideration in granting our request so that we may be obedient.

We are still the students of Englishfor2day Online School and College, Sir, Your most faithful servants.

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