Escorting Etiquettes: How To Become a Respectful and Gentlemanly Client 

Escorting is a great way to explore one’s sexuality and spend nights that don’t end up with sad and lonely masturbation. Escorts provide heavenly nights, along with great companionship that makes you feel as if you have a real connection with them. In short, escorts are a great investment of your money. What many clients fail to realize is that escorts too, must be treated as an equal, and it is empathetic and only right to make the date a great experience for them as well. 

For beginners who do not have much experience as escort clients, you might feel confused about the things that might cross limits, even for a sex escort. Below are a few helpful tips that will give you complete insight into how you should behave with an escort, and the boundaries one mustn’t cross. Keep reading ahead to know more. 

Rule No. 1: Make Honest and Upfront Communication  

Nothing annoys an escort more than diplomatic and confusing communication that is going to lead nowhere. It is also very disrespectful to demand seemingly unconventional sexual activities that you haven’t talked about before. The consent of an escort is a must when availing yourself of these services. Therefore, make sure that you discuss all your expectations beforehand via a polite phone call, or through text.  

Include all the details, however specific, to make sure the escort has an idea of how to proceed with the night. This will also help you make the right impression in front of the escort. Furthermore, it is important to understand that you are taking advantage of a professional service. Therefore, while booking the escort, try to make the conversation as professional as possible and save all the sexy talk for the night itself!  

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Rule No. 2: Be As Polite as Possible 

Escorts do not like entitled men who think they can behave however they want once they’ve paid the money. It is important to understand that even if you’ve paid for the service, you do not own the escort. She is as much of a human as you and must be treated as a lady.  

Make your thothub escort feel comfortable at the venue and talk to her politely with utmost respect. This will also help you get into her good books and provide you with premium services she might not provide to the average Joe. Therefore, make sure to respect her profession and her feelings as a woman.

Rule No. 3: Do Not Go Overboard with Alcohol 

While it is completely okay to feel nervous the first time you meet with an escort, avoid getting drunk at any cost. Overconsumption of alcohol can cause you to misbehave with the escort or demand her for activities that have not been discussed before the meeting. This can even get you blacklisted from the website agency, based on how bad the situation is.  

Therefore, while you can drink during your meeting, make sure that you drink in controlled quantities. It might also be preferable if the escort initiates drinking, and you join her for a glass of wine. 

Rule No. 4: Give Importance to Your Hygiene and Dress Well 

Escorts do not like men who are dressed shabbily on the first date. Poor hygiene or a bad sense of dress can end up leaving a horrible first impression on your escort. Since you don’t know each other personally, making sure to be perfectly washed and clean would be a good idea. Take a quick shower and put on some nice cologne at the location to avoid any body odor that might ruin the evening.  

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Wear clean, ironed clothes, and make sure that you are appropriately dressed for the evening. Dressing confidently not only demonstrates your self-assuredness but also conveys your genuine interest in the date, leaving a positive impression on your escort. 

Summing It Up  

This was a complete guide on how to behave with a thothub escort and get into her good books, especially if you’re a beginner in the whole escorting realm. To find some of the sexiest and most versatile escorts around you, head over to and find the woman you’ve always dreamt of!