to set up a computer lab

Subject:to set up a computer lab

Dear sir,

I am writing to request permission to set up a computer lab in our school. The computer lab would provide our students with a valuable resource to help them stay up to date with technology and to better prepare them for the future.

 The computer lab would be equipped with the latest computers, software and other equipment necessary for educational purposes. We would also make sure that the lab is secure and safe from any outside threats. We would also put in place a system to monitor the usage of the lab, so that only school-appropriate activities are conducted. 

The cost of setting up the computer lab would be covered by a combination of school funds and donations from parents and other members of the community. We have already received several pledges of support, and we are confident that the remaining funds can be raised with ease. 

I strongly believe that our students would benefit greatly from having access to a computer lab. It would not only provide them with an opportunity to learn more about technology, but it would also help them to stay up to date with the latest trends and developments in the field. 

I look forward to hearing your thoughts and feedback on this proposal. Thank you for your time and consideration.


, [Your Name]

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