Application- Requesting for providing street lights at extended area


The Municipal Corporation,

 Dhaka, Bangladesh.

 Subject: Request for providing street lights at Pallabi extended area


 Respected Sir,


 I am writing this letter to request you to provide street lights at Pallabi extended area in Dhaka city. As you are aware, the area is one of densely populated areas in Dhaka city and there is an increasing number of pedestrians and vehicles during night times. However, the area does not have any street lights which results in an increased rate of road accidents and other safety issues. 


The street lights would not only provide safety to the pedestrians and vehicles but also would improve the overall beauty of the area. It would also reduce the criminal activities in the area like mugging and snatching. Moreover, it would reduce the electricity consumption of the people living in the area.


 I hope you will consider this request and provide street lights in the area. I am sure, the local people of the area will highly appreciate this gesture of yours.


 Thank you. 


Yours faithfully,



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